About Us

Rob Knorr
(Guitar and Vocals) Rob (Chicago, IL) is the founder of Ugly Rumor and has been playing guitar for 40+ years. He has played in various bands (High Noon Saloon, the Rejects) with major influences from early rock & roll such as Chuck Berry to the melodic solos of Terry Kath of Chicago to the hard driving rock of Alvin Lee.

Tim Murphy
(Lead Vocals) Tim (Detroit, MI) has been singing since birth. Tim has extensive formal vocal training in classical and a capella styles. He has been with the band since 2006.  A baritone with a wide range allows for versatility, as he belts out classic Mick Jagger (he's even got the moves), Jim Morrison, Van Morrison, and newer classics like the Red Hot Chilly Peppers

Alane Langley

(Vocals) (New Jersey) As a trained vocalist, Alane allows Ugly Rumor to expand our musical offerings to places we only dreamed about. When not on stage, Alane is a mom and a completely badass Crossfitter (#145 in the world in her age demographic!). We are always looking for new public venues to play and show off her amazing talent! Just close your eyes and you would swear that you hear Tina Turner and Grace Slick...

Howard Scaman
(Bass & Vocals) Howards great bass work keeps us grounded and puts a smile on all our faces. We'll post more on his bio when he gives us one. So for now, we'll simply refrain from making stuff up about him.

Ken Bailey (Junior)

(Drums) Ken is one of the oldest members of the band.  He's played with other Denver area bands and returned to Ugly Rumor in 2020.  Ken has a steady hand and lays down a solid beat that drives the rhythm of Ugly Rumor. 

Mike Dare

(Sound Engineer). Let's be clear...as a band we ROCK. However, we only sound as good as our Sound Engineer enables us. To that end, we never play a gig without a full-time sound man, and that is Mike. When not making us sound awesome, he cheats on us with a few other local Denver Bands and also runs sound for the Legacy High School Marching band. We are a bit lost, incomplete and really feel like we are playing naked without him at the board (tablet?)

Wayne Lajoie
(Keyboards, Sax and Vocals)   Wayne's great keyboard work and very sexy saxophone sounds add a special dimension to the sound of Ugly Rumor that cannot be overstated and will be difficult to replace.

Lucky Parker

(Saxophone, Flute, Bongos) Special appearances: Lucky's been around: from the California music scene of Santa Cruz, to the Seattle northwest, Lucky has wowed audiences with his performance.  Sometimes, Wayne and Lucky duet on Sax making for a particularly unique listening experience.